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                      For the Love of Your Horse  and the Sport
                      CS Websites
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                      To create an enjoyable venue showcasing the wonderful attributes of the
                      great trail horse and granting them the recognition they so richly deserve.

                      To create a registry open to all breeds and a point designation system
                      which will stay with each horse for its lifetime, thereby adding to their value
                      and distinction.

                      To create and enable humane treatment and employment options for
                      horses in need.

                      Carolyn Schmidt  |  780-967-5555  |  info@
                      Check back often for new dates!
                      will be donating a gift certificate for a 40 point Truck/Trailer Inspection ($150.00 value) to every participant at every ride.
                      We Currently Offers 3 Types Of Events.

                      Competitive Trail Challenge (CTC)

                      The CTC is a casual trail ride competition that is 10-13 kilometers long with judged obstacles (mostly natural) along the way.
                      Each obstacle has its own judge. It is not a speed, timed or extreme event. You are encouraged to ride with your group, family, or
                      friends. When you come to the obstacle & judge, you perform the obstacle one at a time. The trail rides usually take from 2-3
                      hours.  Many of the rides have clinics or information sessions on a number of equine related topics as well.

                      ACTHA Obstacle Challenge (AOC)

                      The AOC is held in an arena (indoor or outdoor) or field with 8 to 12 obstacles and 2 or 3 judges. Riders can bring multiple

                      Most events include mounted games or other activities.

                      You will be given a sheet describing all the obstacles for your event with detailed instructions on how each division should perform
                      the obstacle and the judging criteria.

                      Timed Obstacle Challenge (TOC)

                      Consists of 8 to 12 obstacles in an arena or field.  Riders have a set time to complete as many of the obstacles as they can in
                      which ever order they choose.  If they complete an obstacle they get full points, if not they get no points for that obstacle.

                      ACTHA Divisions

                      Open - age 7 and older.

                      Pleasure - age 7 and older. Obstacles a little less demanding than the Open.

                      Junior - ages 7 to 15. Obstacles similar to or less demanding than Pleasure.

                      Scout - ages 7 and older. Obstacles the same as pleasure. Judging criteria slightly relaxed.

                      In-Hand - For AOC’s & TOC's only. Ages 7 and older. Obstacles similar to Pleasure Division.

                      Buddy - For CTC’s only. Ages 7 and older. Do not do the obstacles. Not eligible for ribbons, prizes and points.

                      Mentors - 18 years and older. Open to clinicians, trainers and instructors of all disciplines, allowing them to participate with their
                      students without having to compete against then and at a reduced cost. Eligible for Points.

                      Members - All members are eligible for Ribbons, Prizes and Points as well as Luck of the Draw prizes for individual events and
                      year end.
                      Members pay a reduced ride fee.

                      Single Event Membership - ages 7 and older. Can ride as a Scout or Buddy only. Not eligible for ribbons, prizes or points.

                        DIVISIONS CTC AOC TOC
                        Mentors $45 $35 $20
                        Open $58 $45 $30
                        Pleasure $58 $45 $30
                        Junior $25 $25 $20
                        Scout $50 $40 $30
                        Buddy $25    
                        In-Hand   $20 $20
                        SINGLE EVENT RIDERS
                        1 day membership included in event fee
                        Scout $60 $50 $40
                        Buddy $35    
                      ACTHA 2017 RULES
                      Thoughout the riding season, ACTHA offers three type of events: CTC, AOC, TOC
                      VIEW and REGISTER
                      Judging Criteria Manual
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